Amara Sealight Elite

07.03.2016 – 12.03.2016 Recreation

This week we spend most of the days in the same way with little changes. The recreation- and bath-center opens at 8:00 am. Then we try to work off some of the calories from yesterday on the treadmill and after that we relax by the indoor pool (27 - 30 degrees).

After recreation we take a shower and have breakfast. After breakfast and reading the newspaper (digitally) we explore the beach or occupy beach chairs right there. A personal test proves that the water in the wonderful outdoor pool is too cold (about 15 degrees).  So I leave it after one length. The shallow sea is warmer but you have to go for 50 meters before you can start to swim.  So it is better to use the indoor pool with outer zone for a swim. About 0:30 pm we have lunch, after that we go to the beach again. In the afternoon we take coffee or tea and waffles and go to beach again. At 8:00 pm dinner buffet, after that we spend the evening in the entrance hall gathered round in good company (until 11:00 pm, then the service in the all-inclusive-area ends). Sometimes, when the two musicians (violin and piano) leave, we sing in the foyer.

The weather is fine this week, mostly it's sunny, sometimes partly clouded.The temperature here is between 21 and 23 degrees.


On thursday the weather is a bit changeable, from time to time there a scattered showers. We take this opportunity to go to town with a dolmus (a shared Turkish taxi or minibus that takes you from the hotel into the centre of Kusadasi for just 1€) and do some errands there.

BNot mentioned yet: in Turkey there a lots of roaming dogs and cats. Most of them don't look undernourished or unkempt, but they are seeking human company.  If you go for a walk, you never walk alone.

13.03.2016 Departure day

So it's not really worth while: we put our head down till 0:30am. Then the bell rings and we get ready for breakfast at 1:00am. At 2:30am we start to Izmir by bus and arrive at the airport at 3:50am. Accurate at 6:00am our plane starts towards Dusseldorf and lands after a three hour flight at 8:00am (time shift).

We have a long wait for our luggage, but somewhen we can take the shuttle to P24 go home by our car.